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Fort Utti

Fort Utti is in Kouvola in the Kymenlaakso region. It was built by the Russians in 1791 at the junction of several routes of communication, with the so-called Upper Viipuri Highway, among other routes, passing through it. Fort Utti has served as a military training location during the years of Russian rule and after Finland became independent. The best-preserved parts of the fort are its earthworks. The site is approximately 10 kilometres from the centre of Kouvola. There is free year-round access to Fort Utti for visitors.


1788-1790 The Battle of Utti, won by the Swedes, is fought on 28 June 1789 in the Swedish-Russian War.

1791 The outpost fort of Utti is built under the direction of General Aleksandr Suvorov as part of the system of defences of St. Petersburg.

1809 Fort Utti loses its former significance when Finland is joined to Russia. The use of the fort is discontinued by the Russians.

Early 20th c. Russian air force activity at Utti.

1919 An airfield and a flying school are established at Utti.

1960s Repairs to the walls of the main part of the fort are carried out.

1980s-1990s Repairs and renovation are carried out at the fort and its environs.

2008 An inventory of the area and measurements of the fortifications are carried out. At present the training and barracks areas of the Utti Jaeger Regiment and the Tyrri shooting range are located near the earthworks of Fort Utti. Near the fort is also Utti Airfield, the first airfield used by the Finnish Air Force.

Contact information and driving instructions

Utin vallit
Ranta-Utintie, Valkeala
45410 Kouvola

Access: The walls and earthworks of the fort are at Valkeala in Kouvola on highway no. 6.

The National Board of Antiquities and the Ministry of Labour have restored Utti Fort for tourist use. It is open to the public but there are no regular guided tours.


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