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Priozersk Fortress

Korela Fortress is situated at the mouth of the Vuoksi River where it flows into Lake Ladoga. The fortress is in the city of Priozersk, 140 km from St. Petersburg.


1294 - 1295 The fortress is first mentioned in the chronicles: captured by the Swedes, it is retaken by the Novgorodians a few months later.

1310 The Novgorodians build a fortress of wood and earth on an island in the Vuoksi River delta in Kägöisalmi (Käkisalmi) (“Korelian city”), a tribal centre of ancient Karelians.

1364 Novgorodian governor Yakov builds a stone tower in the fortress.

1580 Swedish general Pontus de la Gardie captures Korela.

1580s – 1590s Stone constructions (Round Tower (Lars Torstenson’s Tower), Old Arsenal) are erected in the fortress to the design of fortification architect Jacob van Stendel; ramparts are faced by stone plates, two rondelles are arranged.

1597 Russia regains Korela district with Korela city.

1610 - 1611 A Swedish army under the command of Jacob de la Gardie captures Korela Fortress after 6 months’ siege.

1630s – 1650s Near the Old Fortress, on the neighbouring Spassky island the Swedes build the regular New Fortress with five bastions.

mid-17th c. The Swedes build the Powder Room with cavalier-bastion in the northern corner of the Old Fortress.

1710 On 8th September Peter the Great’s army under the command of Roman Bruce regains Kexholm Fortress.

1762 - 1854 The Old Fortress is used as the prison for important state criminals: Ivan VI Antonovich; two wives of Yemelyan Pugachev and his three children from the first marriage; 9 officers and 392 soldiers involved in the Senate Square revolt; R.A. Chernosvitov, a member of the Petrashevsky Circle, and others.

1776 The New Arsenal (now the museum building) is built in the Old Fortress.

1791 - 1795 Kexholm Fortress is reinforced under the guidance of Russian general A.V. Suvorov as part of a new St. Petersburg defense system.

March 31, 1810 Kexholm Fortress ceases to be a military facility. The garrison is stationed in the New Fortress where barracks are built.

1888 - 1910 The New Fortress is converted into a mental hospital: four out of the five bastions are demolished, new buildings for patients are constructed.

1918 The city and fortress of Kexholm become part of independent Finland.

1918 - 1944 A Finnish battalion of the Savo Ranger Regiment and a Soviet military hospital are stationed in the New Fortress.

December 21, 1945 A Leningrad Military District sanatorium is opened in the New Fortress.

October 1, 1948 The city is renamed Priozersk.

Contact information and driving instructions

Address: 3 ul. Lenshosse, Priozersk, Leningrad Oblast, 188760
Tel./fax +7 (81379) 37-275
E-mail: korela@inbox.ru

City of Priozersk
Link: http://www.priozersk.ru/


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