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Koporye Fortress

Classified as a federal monument, Koporye Fortress is located in the village of Koporye, Lomonosov District, Leningrad Oblast, 24 km from the town of Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad Oblast.


1240 Koporye is first mentioned in chronicles: German knights build a wooden castle on the conquered lands.

1241 Alexander Nevsky with his men liberates Koporye and builds a wood and earth fortress, which serves for a quarter of century.

1279 Alexander Nevsky’s son Dmitry builds a wood and earth fortress.

1280 Dmitry starts the construction of a stone fortress.

1282 The Novgorodians expel Dmitry from Koporye and demolish the stone fortress.

1297 The Novgorodians build a stone fortress.

13th – 14th cc. Koporye becomes the centre of Novgorod the Great’s Vod District.

1384 Yam Fortress is built on the Luga River (now the town of Kingisepp). Koporye Fortress loses its importance and becomes a “secondary” defense facility in Novgorod's lands.

Late 15th - early 16th century Capital reconstruction of the fortress.

1558 - 1581 Livonian war ending with the defeat of Russia. Koporye is captured by the Swedes.

1590 Russian troops liberate the fortress.

Early 17th century The Swedes capture the fortress and, according to the Stolbovo Treaty of 1617, it belongs to Sweden for almost a century.

1656 - 1657 Russia attempts to recover Koporye without success. The Swedish viceroy, S. Kelmfelt, anticipating that such attempts will repeat, strengthens the garrison and reinforces the decrepit defense facility.

1703 Peter I’s troops under the command of Field-Marshal B.P. Sheremetyev liberate the fortress. With the expansion of Russian lands to the north and west in the course of the Northern War the fortress loses its military significance.

1707 Peter I grants Koporye and Yamburg districts to A.D. Menshikov.

1711 A.D. Menshikov builds a wooden palace in the fortress.

1743 Empress Elizabeth grants the fortress with the surrounding lands to her minion Alexey G. Razumovsky.

1763 According to the “Schedule” approved by Catherine II, Koporye was removed from the list of fortresses.

1809 The fortress is sold to V.N. Zinovyev. The Zinovyevs owned Koporye and the fortress for more than a century. During the revolution they emigrated to England.

1941 - 1945 During World War Two the fortress is not involved in military operations. The Savior Transfiguration Cathedral within the fortress, which was converted into a club in the Soviet time, is used by the Germans as a cinema.

1980s Restoration works are conducted in the fortress.

Contact information and driving instructions

Address: Koporye Fortress Museum. Koporye village, Lomonosov District, Leningrad Oblast, 188525.
Tel.: +7 921-420-99-35 — ticket office

City of Sosnovyi bor
Link: http://www.sbor.ru


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